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World Water Day Celebration This Weekend

Join our friends at the Waterwheel for the 4th annual World Water Day Symposium this weekend! The theme revolves around water, how water embodies extremes and contrasts: oceanic depth or shallow rivulet, transparent or opaque, flowing or still. Water cycles through the living systems of the planet: water bodies, life forms, atmosphere. This symposium has […]


Surviving Sandy Panel Discussion at Bronx River Art Center

Surviving Sandy Panel Discussion Friday February 28 6-8pm Bronx River Art Center Come to the panel discussion + presentation Surviving Sandy on Friday February 28th at 6-8pm sponsored by the Bronx River Art Center. Artists, activists, and community members will meet to discuss how individual and communities interpret, cope with, and survive extreme events. The […]


iLANDing Laboratories 2014

2014 iLANDing Laboratories March-July 2014 In celebration of iLAND’s 10th anniversary, the 2014 iLAB residency will take on an experimental format as a series of workshops/laboratories designed by members of the iLAND community.  These workshops are focused forums and platforms for a reflective, advanced discourse on ideas about urban ecologies, kinesthetic experience, and new approaches to interdisciplinary […]


Portland Ecologists Unite: Art and Ecology Discussion

Join Toby Query and other members of Portland Ecologists Unite for a discussion on Art and Ecology hosted by Portland Ecologists Unite on January 16th from 5:30-7:30pm at PICA. They have an exciting group of speakers lined up including: Linda K. Johnson, Adam Kuby, and Stephen Hayes. We hope that this discussion will enlighten ecologists on […]


Check out The Volta: The Trash Issue

Check out the most recent issue of The Volta: The Trash Issue. This multimedia project of poetry, criticism, poetics, video, conversation (audio), and interview has contributions by several iLAND community members including: past SEA reader Jonathan Skinner, iLAND residents Kathy Westwater, Jennifer Scappettone, and Seung Jae Lee, and poets Allison Cobb and CA Conrad, and  a TRANSECT shot […]