SEEDS 2016

This is a wonderful event. Please join our friends at this revival of SEEDS in celebration of Earthdance's 30th Anniversary!
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September 16, 2016 - 5:00pm - September 25, 2016 - 3:00pm

SEEDS 2016 is an interdisciplinary arts and ecology festival gathering artists, community activists, scientists, spiritual leaders, permaculture practitioners, and more for ten days at Earthdance. Through workshops, residencies, discussions, performances and artistic investigations, SEEDS aims to explore the potent space of art, allyship, movement practice, and ecology. By working with the connections between environmental racism, intersectional oppressions, power/territory, and privilege, SEEDS makes space for multiple voices and forms of participation while creating a space for embodied intelligence and collective inquiry.
This year, we have decided to transition from our original name of SEEDS = Somatic Experiments in Earth, Dance, + Science to simply SEEDS. The initial acronym that included "somatic," "experiments," and "science" is no longer tenable as a title for what SEEDS has become following its six year break. We're taking the opportunity in this revival of SEEDS to re-envision the full breadth of what this festival can be; in how we speak, curate, organize, and connect. We want an inclusive forum that fosters inquiry and liberation, and to see the power in our ongoing development of a more conscious language. (photo credit: Olive Bieringa)

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