Object Score designed for SIP by Jennifer

Gather four people from three or four different disciplines.

Select a comfortable site to work in.

Describe a perimeter that defines the space you would like to work in, not too big, not too small. Perhaps about 2 meters square.

Select two objects each from within the vicinity.

Decide on two pairs to work the score.

The first pair has the option of using all or some of the objects to move within the space for 3 min

The second pair witnesses.

After 3 minutes stop and without talking the witnessing pair moves into the space and responds to their experience of witnessing through moving the objects.



Then do the score again. This time focusing on the sound the objects make in the space

Then do the score a third time focusing on designing the space with the objects.

Make sure you do each phase twice. Give yourself plenty of time to discuss the experience afterwards.

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