A Potion of Past, Present, Future : Reflecting on the Earthdance Residency

alertness of a collaborative narrative to come all bodies present are all bodies present a listening body a group a tangle a tango a culmination a soup a sensorial stitching        a resistance spatial recognition i don’t recognize this place                          … Continue reading →

Through Body, Through Land, Through Speech

  We hosted our third public program for the collaboration Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech on Thursday at Eyebeam as part of their multichannel concert series. In preparation, we had been visiting the park and interviewing park goers about what they do at the park, favorite memories, and their visions of the park’s future.… Continue reading →

Public Engagement at Queens Flushing Meadows Corona Park

  We hosted our first public event at Queens Flushing Meadows Corona Park today as part of the project “Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech,” focusing on the theme of use/misuse of public space. As Phuong mentioned in her post, the park is full of beautiful cases of people and animals using the park as… Continue reading →

What is the “use” of a space?

One of the thing we have been thinking about is the notion of “use”, how is a space is considered being “used” or abandoned and how it is influence the value of the space. I think this idea rooted from the first community workshop about the future of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park that we attended, through… Continue reading →

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A Walk to Willets Point

We returned to Flushing Meadows Corona Park today and met with Jennifer for a walk to Willets Point, the site slated to turn into a mall. The area is nicknamed the “Iron Triangle,” and is home to a number of scrap yards, car repair businesses, even Tacquerias. There is no drainage there, so after the… Continue reading →

Rat Trapping in Hudson River Park with Jason Munshi-South

Here we go! Or and I accompanied Jason Munshi-South on a Rat Trapping adventure in Hudson River Park. We were joined by two of his students and a British film crew making a documentary about the ways that animals are mutating in response to man-made changes to the environment. Apparently there are some NY rats… Continue reading →

Sweeping the Dance Studio- Maintenance as Movement

As part of the iLAB residency (Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech), our group spent a week at Earthdance in Plainfield, MA where we shared our processes, developed activities, and generally spent time together. Near the end of the residency, we were asked to help out with Earthdance’s weekly cleaning. I had been thinking about… Continue reading →