A Potion of Past, Present, Future : Reflecting on the Earthdance Residency

alertness of a collaborative narrative to come

all bodies present

are all bodies present
a listening body

a group a tangle a tango a culmination a soup a sensorial stitching        a resistance

spatial recognition
i don’t recognize this place

                                   Earthdance spatially, a model partially
a breath                     an imagined space


Flushing Meadows in mind but out of touch



move in the space in your own way
listening to the space
the space listening to you




a cranial sacral pulse
an awareness of a cranial sacral pulse
seeing yourself becoming aware of a cranial sacral pulse
a circle of bodies in the forest, touching each others cranial sacral pulses, literally
a pulsing circle
a patch of dirt on the floor unraveling into an ecosystem
if you stare at it long enough
a series of scales unmeasured though noticed


coining the way we speak of these anecdotes as anecdotes

there are thousands of salamanders all around us, sitting very very still

a series of scales unmeasured though noticed



more experiments

resistance to speech
consistent interest in speech

processes of translation


remembered paths
noticing others
miscommunications flowing into translations

assigning meaning


a night walk
a process of revealing one’s movements that molded their place into this moment

what is your process
is it visible
is it contagious

is it a science

how is your body doing?

are you grossed out by feet
did you know this mushroom produces puffs of smoke
this reflects a rural to urban gradient

there is a rural to urban gradient


how do we understand       objects    materials    destruction   relationships

print paint and draw with me
its raining
a perfect time to listen to the resonance of surfaces through contact mics

are you looking? did you see? are you experiencing?


who wants to cook with me tonight
what can i do

look in the guest fridge



can i use the microscope? it is time for alone time

it is time to regroup

analogous         sameness      difference
i look for difference but i want to feel sameness
or something like that
or the reverse depending

what are interests of the group
what is the group
how much does the group lead the other group, the public group
we are all in public, or are we

there is psychic transferral of information too



are we a cult


is dancing movement , movement dancing


an umbrella above our body scan meditations
did you fall asleep during that body scan meditation?

just notice and if you can’t it’s okay
just let the thought happen and pass

should we record it?

how many days have passed?

our bodies hold information

ruralish to urban again







Print Mania



Microscope 52

ListenWalk 8

SalaSearch FOUND2

ContactMove 4


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